Thunder Run on The Kern


With big waves and dramatic drops, the Thunder Run is the ultimate one-day river trip in California. A Thunder run whitewater rafting trip features numerous, exhilarating Class IV-V rapids. This is not for the timid or weak, this trip is for those that want their hearts racing from adrenaline and aren't afraid to really paddle harder.

Paddle or Die!!!

With class 5 rapids that have names like Fender Bender, Squash Paddler, and Sock'em Dog you know you won't be able to wait to get home and tell your friends your stories from this trip!

The Thunder run is on the Upper Kern River, originating high in the Sierras near Mt. Whitney. It is much more strenuous than other river trips and guests should be in good shape. We require that all guests have good stamina and take an evaluation swim. This trip here has been featured in numerous publications and has consistently earned an outstanding rating from the Forest Service.

On the exciting Thunder run, it is far easier to accomidate large groups then it is on the Forks of the Kern.

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